Copper River Salmon

This premium brand is seen as the pinnacle of salmon by seafood connoisseurs is struggling for exposure. We created a campaign to make the start of the CRS season a calendar point in the mind of millennials.


Pop-up restaurants

For one night only, Copper River Salmon will create a pop-up restaurant in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, embodying the rare and premium nature of the fish through the event and venue. There, the 100 invitees and their plus-ones can eat, drink, mingle, and share with their extensive following their personal experience with the brand. 



In each city, a local artist or art student will be commissioned to paint a large mural in high traffic areas. Each mural will be personalized for each city, and will pull elements from Copper River's values of sustainable rarity and celebration of salmon as a natural resource.



One hundred individual invitations will be sent out in each city to select Tastemakers, inviting them to attend an exclusive event while creating a positive first impression of the brand in their minds.



As an extension of the campaign, the site will create a unique cultural and social network associate with the Copper River Salmon brand that Millennials will migrate to for inspiration.

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Art Directors: Lisa Donato & Me
Writer: Joey McRobert
Media Planner: Dani Chambers
Designer: Lisa Donato
Art: Me
Strategy: All